This week marks the ten-year anniversary of VK Civil. On August 30, 2011, Rod Korhorn and Nate Vriesman began operating from Nate’s unfinished basement. There was not a lot of work in Michigan because of the “Great Recession,” and Rod and Nate did not know how their past and prospective clients would react. “My back-up plan was to deliver pizzas,” said Nate smiling. “Each of us had young families which made it a stressful decision.” Within a couple of months Byron, Gaines, and Jamestown Townships decided that they would use VK Civil for their civil engineering services.

Rod passed away suddenly and went to be with the Lord on December 21, 2014. By God’s grace VK Civil has continued to flourish even through difficult situations.

The company now has offices in the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo areas. The growing team of 18 are thankful for the many communities and clients they have the privilege to serve, and they will continue to seek to provide engineering services according to VK Civil’s Core Values:

1. Virtue (VK Civil seeks to operate with excellence and a high moral standard.)
2. A Well Lived Life (Work is good. It is not a person’s primary identity.)
3. Others as Ourselves (VK Civil seeks our Client’s best interest.)
4. Stewardship (VK Civil seeks to wisely steward relationships, time, money, and the environment.)

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vk-civil engineering staff outside
Rod & Nate starting in the basement