Traffic Studies

With growing communities comes an increase in traffic and transportation concerns. Traffic issues are fast becoming a discussion point for most proposed projects.

Our experience in creating, reviewing, and overseeing traffic studies, transportation master plans, capacity studies, and traffic flow improvements gives us the ability to provide cost-effective solutions and insight.

Services Offered:

  • Traffic Studies: Commercial, institutional, and
    residential creation and review
  • Traffic master plan documents for campuses
  • Traffic calming and circulation improvements
  • Signal and flow computer modeling
What Is A Traffic Study?
Traffic Studies aerial view
Aaron Van Proyan, P.E.

Contact: Aaron Van Proyen, P.E., PTOE
(616) 277-2185

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  • Responsible for planning, designing, and operating transportation facilities, as well as creating traffic impact studies, transportation master plans, and systems engineering documents.
  • Provides engineering review on behalf of municipal clients for traffic impact studies for residential plats, condominiums, apartment complexes, commercial and industrial site plans, private streets, and non-motorized paths and sidewalks.