VK Civil provides comprehensive civil engineering support to mining projects, from site selection and planning to environmental management.

Our civil engineers help identify suitable locations for mining projects, by evaluating factors such as resource availability, transportation ease, proximity to existing infrastructure, community regulations, and environmental impact.

VK Civil designs infrastructure, such as roads and drainage systems required to support mining operations. We work with state and local agency regulators to meet the project’s specific needs and minimize negative impacts.

VK Civil understands the importance of environmental management. Our civil engineers develop plans to manage water resources and protect local ecosystems. We design retaining walls, terraces, channels, and grades to prevent erosion and minimize sedimentation. Our team also develops plans for re-vegetation and land restoration to minimize the long-term impact of mining operations on the environment.

At VK Civil, we take pride in providing comprehensive civil engineering support to mining projects. Our expertise in infrastructure development, water management, and erosion control ensures that mining operations are able to be conducted efficiently while minimizing their impact on local ecosystems and communities. Contact us today to learn more about our civil engineering services for mining projects.

d lewis

Contact: Dan Lewis, P.E.
Lead Site Plan Engineer

(269) 697-7120

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  • Project management and design of Midlink Business Park, a business park with a mix of commercial and industrial uses.  The site plans completed so far in this park have been Candlewood Suites, Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites, Seneca Medical Supplies, Kaiser Aluminum, Hark Orchids, Maggie’s Catering, Purity Gas, and Zeigler Motorsports.
  • Dan has worked on many site plans for commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, and residential neighborhood projects over his 23 year career.
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