VK Civil Christmas in October

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Our team Christmas party was in October!! Spouses and family members joined our team for an evening of paint pouring and tacos. Some of the engineers fixated on how to exactly mix paint and water to get the ideal pouring consistency, while everyone experimented with color combinations and techniques. VK Civil seeks to plan ahead and be prepared through weekly leadership meetings, quarterly planning meetings, and constant communication. If you are looking for a great environment where the team enjoys working and playing together, give us a call and let’s start a conversation! [...]

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Ice Cream Trucks, Magic & Near Death Experiences

“I’m not stopping!!!” Unsuspecting riders were in for a huge scare if they hadn’t seen others ride the zipline before them at the VK Civil Family Picnic. Hurdling down at breakneck speeds directly toward a tree with no slowing down until just before impact caused excitement for some while others bailed early to save their lives! For those not a fan of ziplines, the magic show and ice cream truck were just the thing for kids and adults alike. The food, yard games, great conversations and a fun evening were had by all. Looking for a great environment where [...]

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APWA Rod Korhorn Memorial Scholarship Golf Outing

The American Public Works Association (APWA) Midwest Michigan Branch held another very successful golf outing on Wednesday July 20, 2022. Thirty two teams participated, the weather was beautiful, and fun was had by all. The event funds the Rod Korhorn Memorial Scholarship that the Midwest Branch gives to a child of a Branch member pursuing an education in Engineering or a Public Works related field. Rod served on the Midwest Branch board before his passing in 2014. Vriesman & Korhorn extends our sincere thanks to Midwest Branch for helping to keep Rod’s memory alive and to those who participated [...]

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